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Oscillographic Block

Oscillographic Block

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Chip-audio workstation


-Direct CV control over a physical SN76489AN sound chip, with 4-bit amplitude and 1V/Oct-scaled 10-bit pitch

-2 square wave channels and one dual-mode (white and periodic) noise wave channel

-6 programmable function generators per preset create both smooth waves and stepped sequences, and operate across a wide range of speeds suitable for percussive effects, looping melodies, slowly evolving structures, and pure bug music

-4 user-assignable CV inputs for controlling pitch, amplitude, and function speed

-Unique preset system allows eight patches to be stored to SD Card and instantly recalled (no audible gap) via CV and gate inputs

-Built-in algorithmic patch generator with Drum, Envelope, and Sequence modes

-Dedicated Chip Clock and Fine Tune controls extend the SN76’s frequency range

-Low resolution (not V/Oct) envelope + gate outputs for driving external modules

-Advanced functionality accessible via Shift button combinations, including overall channel volume, alternate display mode, shape macros, copy / paste, envelope synchronization, and full-bank preset randomization

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