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Ottava Magus II, near mint condition

Ottava Magus II, near mint condition

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Catalinbread Ottava Magus II in near mint condition.


Most octave pedals in the past have been thin and glitchy, you needed to run them into a cooking amplifier to get any beef or sustain out of them and even then it was a challenge fighting the thing to ride out a note. When we set about developing the original Ottava Magus we wanted to address those issues and make a pedal that was more friendly to use. So we did that and it was good.

But we wanted more. We wanted the ability to mix in some more fuzzy goodness if we wanted so we added a new Saturation control to the OM2. This new feature alters the attack response allowing you to morph your pick attack into a more saturated (duh!) and elastic feel. It also adds some more gain into the mix giving you those モHoly crap! - MAH AMP IS FIXIN TA ESPLODE!!! sounds that all the cool kids are into nowadays. If you roll back the Intensity control, you can decrease the octave effect giving you old school fuzz tones to boot. Righteous! We also altered the original circuit a bit allowing it to sound even better going into a completely clean amp, a little more meat and less rasp. But if raspy is your thing (weirdo!), fear not - with the new 18v capability you can wrassle with it and get the more glitchy sounds too.

Like the original, you can bend a note and hold it without it dropping out using any pickup you wish and playing anywhere on the neck you want. The input sensitivity is the same, so you will get a variety of tones just by using your guitar's volume knob. Those dissonant double stops still turn into huge polyphonic screams, and itメs still capable of the subtle ムfluteyメ high octave tones or crazier full-on ring mod sounds - and now you can mix in more gain using the Saturation control for 60s Thuper Fuzz type stuff too.

And speaking of the Intensity control, it has been intensified too - we gave it a wider range for even more over-the-top intensities. To add to the intensitude, we even threw in a little secret lightshow for you to trip on while you make Jimi faces in the dark - groovy man!

Oh, and it still has purple knobs. You still like purple, right?

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