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Effectrode Photo-Optical Tube Compressor (PC-2A)

Effectrode Photo-Optical Tube Compressor (PC-2A)

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Effectrode pedals include a 12v positive (+) center power supply.  We are not responsible for damage caused by using a power supply that is not included with your Effectrode order.

Musical, natural and quiet compression - This little compressor is a tool that will inspire you to play and create music. It's a true audiophile studio compressor in a stomp box. The Effectrode PC-2A is made from the 'right stuff' - there are no VCA chips, opamps or budget components in the signal path which is 100% analog and built using polyester coupling capacitors, precision metal-film resistors and NOS (new old stock) tube operating at real amp plate voltages - just like high-end vintage compressors found in many professional studios.

This compact pedal boasts stacks of head-room and fantastic dynamic range for outstanding sound quality, preserving the attack characteristics while creating musical and natural compression. The PC-2A wraps your signal in velvet, - literally enhances and smooths out guitar tone without stamping a solid-state signature on it. Useful in live situations for creating natural, singing sustain or fattening up thin single coil pickups and indespensible when recording direct to PC to prevent nasty transient distortion artifacts that modern digital recording devices produce when overloaded.

The 'limit' switch selects between compressor or limiter modes. In 'Compression' mode the PC-2A adds richness and thickness to electric guitar to enhance tone quality. Acoustic players will also appreciate the smoothness and sustain the PC-2A will add to amplified acoustic guitar, especially those fitted with piezo pickups. 'Limit' mode produces thicker and fatter compression for a more 'Knoplferesque' feel and tone.


  • All Tube: 100% pure analog vacuum tube audio path operating at amp plate voltages for maximum signal integrity and quiet, natural sound reproduction.
  • 'Proper' side-chain: A-weighted filtering in the side-chain replicates the response of the human ear and allows for heavy compression without the excessive 'pumping' normally associated with compressors processing low-frequnecy material, for much more natural and musical effect.
  • Photo-optical gain control: The gain is controlled by an optical attenuator which ensures the absolute minimum of distortion is introduced (much lower than V.C.A. and F.E.T. designs). Additionally, the natural decay characteristic of the photocell produces a smooth two-stage release characteristic which always sounds pleasing and natural to the ear as it eliminates 'breathing'.
  • True Bypass: With Effectrode's unique ムanti-popメ or ムthumpメ footswitching circuitry utilizing sealed, gold-contact relay to eliminate the possibility of dirty contacts degrading the sound and minimial internal audio path.
  • Deep Carmine Red L.E.D.: Indicates if the effect is engaged.
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