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4ms Pod60 Powered Eurorack Case (Power Brick NOT included)

4ms Pod60 Powered Eurorack Case (Power Brick NOT included)

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The Pod60 is 60HP with 1.34" (34mm) of available module depth. The built-in power supply requires a Pod power brick sold separately. If you already have a powered Pod and power brick (or a 4ms Row Power module) you can use a barrel cable to daisy-chain powered Pods.

The power supply can handle up to 700mA of +12V for the smaller Pods, and 1.4A for the Pod60, which is plenty of juice for even the most hungry modern digital modules.

4ms Pods are low-cost, portable, compact enclosures made from 100% anodized aluminum that turn Eurorack modules into table-top instruments. They use standard M3 threaded holes and are available in a variety of widths: 20HP, 26HP, 32HP, and 60HP.

Mix and match your Pods with desktop synths, effect pedals, drum machines or any musical gear for a flexible modular system. Need to add another module? Just add a Pod! Need to pack light for a live set? Just grab the Pods you need and go!

Width: 60HP
Max Depth: 34mm
Power: 1400mA@ +12V , 560mA@ -12V , 400mA@ +5V


  • Four 16-pin Eurorack power shrouded headers
  • Power input: Two barrel jacks for daisy-chaining, 15V-20VDC, 2.1mm positive tip
  • Exterior width: 309.3mm (12.17")
  • Exterior height: 159.5mm (6.28")
  • Exterior depth: 36mm (1.42")
  • Interior module depth: 34.2mm (1.34")
  • Interior module width: 32HP
  • Weight: 0.41 kg = 14.5 oz
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