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ProValve V2, brand new old stock (N.O.S.)

ProValve V2, brand new old stock (N.O.S.)

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Brand new out-of-production Lovepedal ProValve v2 (N.O.S.).

A two channel, VERY high gain overdrive / distortion pedal that eliminates the need for another dedicated transparent boost unit. Vintage sounds can be had with a twist of the volume knob at the guitar or independent settings at the unit. Channel switching is silent and true, channel to channel or bypassed.

The guitar tonal possibilities are endless and only take a spin of the separated gain structures and tone controls. The dynamic, big amp tones the ProValve generates will instantly replace "thin, fizzy pedal sounding distortions" in any set up..

The Provalve is sure to be one of the most sought after, "BIG amp - Small box" creations to ever leave the Lovepedal shopナ

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