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Rackmount kit for VX-351 / CP-251


  • $ 9500

The Rack Mount Kit for the VX-351 (and/or CP-251) can be installed in a standard 19" equipment rack. It's 3U high, and has a total depth of 2 1/4". It is made of steel and has a black powder coat finish. It is designed to fit both the VX-351 and the CP-251 enclosures. You can mount a VX-351 by itself; a VX-351 and a CP-251; just a CP-251 or two CP-251s. A cable is included for a CP-251 to be powered by a VX-351 connected to a Voyager. All the hardware required for mounting is included.

Picture shown is with CP-251 and VX-351 installed.

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