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Red Square (N.O.S.)


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Red Square is a patchable analog monosynth that can also be used as an effects processor. It has the advantages of a modular synth (re-wireable synth circuits, external control, external signal routing) and the advantage of a pre-patched monosynth (easy to use, instant sound, tidy front panel). 1/4" jacks make it easy to interface with all your other gear!

5 minute Red Square Sound Clip (only a fraction of what it can do !!!)


The top row of controls on Red Square act as a complete (pre-patched) monosynth. This section allows Red Square to be used straight away without having to patch any sections together. All that is needed is a MIDI cable and an audio cable. This means Red Square can be used immediately with no fuss or confusion as a powerful, flexible synthesizer-sound machine.

The top row synthesizer comprises VCO1, Noise, External Signal, Sub Oscillator, LPF, EG1 and the VCA. The Ring Mod output also goes to the filter audio input, but its inputs must be patched first.

The additional sections like EG2, VCO2, Ring Mod, etc, can be patched into the monosynth to create even more varied and complex sounds, or they can be used independently or in conjunction with other synths.


Don't just think of Red Square as just a patchable synthesizer. It is also a highly versatile analogue effects processor. Red Square has a panel full of professional quality 6.35mm jack sockets which allows it to be integrated into your studio set-up just like any effects processor. But instead of just another lifeless DSP processor, you have a warm, fat, or even down right dirty analogue effects processor.

The analog filter or ring modulator can be used as two independent effects processors or chained in series for dual effects. They can be wired into your mixing desk's effect sends and returns just like any other effects unit. The additional sections of Red Square can be patched in to modulate the effect on your external audio signals. All this and you can still create and use an independent synthesizer patch too!

Glide, PW control, sync in, saw out, square out, sub oscillator out

Glide, PW control, saw out, square out

Low Pass filter, cut-off CV, Q CV, cross modulation from VCO1, external signal in

Mode switch, CV control

AR envelope with switchable sustain/release

Full ADSR envelope with normal or inverted output

Speed CV, saw, inverse saw, square and triangle outputs

Sample and Hold:
Lag control

Noise Generator:
White noise

Ring Modulation:

MIDI to CV Converter:
With auxiliary controller CV output

Headphone output:

2x 4 ways 1x 5 way

Rotary controls:

Push button:

1 push pull 2 slide


Jack sockets (6.35mm, mono - 1 is stereo);

5U/1HE (x mm). Width (not inc. ears): 435mm. Depth: 100mm

240V or 110V (select when ordering), IEC socket

Manual, IEC power lead, patch leads

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