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ReTubeVerb - Real Tube (Spring) Reverb!

ReTubeVerb - Real Tube (Spring) Reverb!

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Although spring reverbs have been built for more then five decades they are still highly desired because of their individualism and sound quality. They can almost be seen as standard for guitar amplifiers and can be found in a great number of studios around the world, as they are also a perfect choice for vocals, organs and synthesizers.

Once again VERMONA presents a tube spring reverb of itメs own class and once again the name is モReTubeVerbヤ. Some details have been improved and there are also strongly requested features like balanced in- and outputs as well as the possibility to get it in a rack system.

Uncompromising tube technology
The ReTubeVerb is build upon classical tube circuitry ヨ you will not find a single semi-conductor in its signal flow. This uncompromising realization needs some efforts but the result justifies the concept! What youメll get is the warm and slightly compressed tube sound without interferences and unpleasant coloration.

Spring tank
The deep and voluminously reverb effect comes out of a high quality six-spring reverb tank (three double-springs) made by the spring reverb pioneer ACCUTRONICS.

Weメve chosen three very usable frequencies which makes it easy to form the reverb effect as you like without much efforts.

Balanced In- and Output
Beside the unbalanced instrumental- / line in- and outputs weメve implemented a transformer-balanced input and output as well. Itメs not that kind of feature thatメs integrated just to have it, but with great attention towards sound quality. The audio transformers are made upon our specifications to perfectly fit for their purpose.

True Bypass
Thereメs a true bypass as well as the EFFECT STOP function. The latter allows refining the input signal by the tube preamp without reverberation.

The ReTubeVerb relies on traditional technology but also makes spring reverberation a cutting edge topic.

  • 2x ECC 83
  • 1x ECC 81
  • 1x EM 84

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