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RG-6 Random Generator


  • $ 56500

The RG-6 is Cwejman's powerful module for generating various random signals. Available are three different stepped random voltages; a random gate, random clock and random sawtooth waveforms.

The three outputs to the left produce, similar to a sample&hold, stepped random voltages with random probabilities of the spread. The internal clock generator is used here as well as an internal noise signal which acts as a sample source for the S&H. Instead of the noise you can apply an external sampling signal. It can be controlled in level what will affect the random voltages. The voltage controllable parameter SLEW smooths the stepped voltages.

The clock can be tapped at an individual output.

Two outputs carry a random sawtooth signal - the first output is phase inverted, the second output has positive polarity. The coltage controlled parameter Slowe affects the level and polarity of the sawtooths. The positive sawtooth output is normalized to the clock rate CV input and allows for a easy to create random clock.

Random gate signals are generated, depending on the state of the random sawtooth. The sawtoothᄡs level is being analysed and when exceeding a adjustable threshold a gate signal with controlable length is produced. Both parameters, threshold and length are voltage controllable.

Inputs and outputs:

CV outputs for:

  • stepped random voltages with high, normal and high spread probability
  • clock
  • inverted sawtooth signal
  • positive sawtooth signal
  • gate

CV Inputs for:

  • external sample signal
  • clock rate
  • clock retrigger
  • amount of slew
  • slope
  • gate threshold
  • gate length

Dimensions : 16HP

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