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RK3 Ringmod/Waveshaper


  • $ 45000

The RK-3 is an 8hp Eurorack version of our legendary R-53/TM-1 waveshaper and ring modulator circuit.  The entire circuit is based on a single tube, a 14BL11 dual triode plus pentode, and works in the same fashion as the R-53 circuit. It behaves as a primitive pulse generator, adding badly-formed pulses which synchronize to the input waveform erratically.  This circuit feeds a simple ring modulator based on the tube's pentode. Main input signal enters the tube via the control grid, and the carrier modulation signal effects the tubes' screen grid.  The RK3 is optimized for general use in the professional modular synthesizer studio. All panel inputs and outputs are compatible with other synthesizer modules, and cannot damage other modules connected to them.

RK3 FULL Manual 

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