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RM-2S Stereo Ring Mod


  • $ 000

The RM-2S consist of two separate ring modulators and a "quadrature" carrier generator as internal modulation source for both ring modulators. A ring modulator is a classic audio effect device and due to the non-harmonic character of the output signal. It's very useful to create metallic timbres such as bells, sweeping whistles and percussive sounds and trem olo effects.

The carrier generator has two frequency ranges; LF (low frequency) and AUDIO and it's controlled by knobs COARSE, FINE and external CV signal (CARRIER FREQ). The carrier generators outputs CG A and CG B are pure sine waveforms with 90 degrees delay between them. Outputs are pre-patched to both ring modulators (inputs Y). The obvious effect (particularly in LF mode) is a stereo panning effect of inserted signal to XL input. Both ring modulators can also be used independent of each other and carrier generator.

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