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RMC2 Wah

RMC2 Wah

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New Old Stock! This is the older version. Please see picture.

The REAL MCCOY CUSTOM 2 starts with the same primary tuning as the RMC1. Instead of a volume boost like the RMC1, the RMC2 has a side mounted pot for control of volume, from dead quiet all the way to a boosted signal. The second case mounted control on the RMC2 is for control of the Q, or sharpness of the wah's attack. This control goes from the "standard" smooth contour all the way to an ultra-sharp contour. The third control is a 5-position rotary switch to select the sweep range. The actual sweeps range from 2/3 of "normal" sweep range all the way to 1 1/2 times "normal" sweep range. Yes, "normal" is in the middle. The sweeps for the RMC2 are, from top to bottom: 1) J. Mascis, 2) RMC3 "Factory Standard" sweep, 3) "Normal" US wahs, 4) Italian wahs, 5)RMC1. 

The RMC2 is housed in a classic gray hammertone case, and features true-bypass switching, AC adapter jack, RMC's stack-of-dimes inductor, precision low-noise metal film resistors, and the ROC-POT2 potentiometer. Of course, just like all RMC wahs, the RMC2 is hand-built in the U.S. by Geoffrey Teese and features a limited FIVE-YEAR warranty.

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