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RMC4 Picture Wah

RMC4 Picture Wah

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New Old Stock! This is the older version. Please see picture.

Not since 1967 have the true sounds of the original Clyde McCoy Picture Wah been available in a production model wah. The REAL MCCOY PICTURE WAH faithfully reproduces this elusive sound. Housed in a classic gray hammertone case and equipped with RMC's new 100% accurate repro tuned core halo inductor, Italian Arco capacitors, European transistors, carbon composition resistors, true-bypass switching, AC adapter jack, and RMC's authentic ROC-POT2 potentiometer, the REAL MCCOY PICTURE WAH delivers the classic Italian sound.

This is not a hot-rodded wah like the RMC1. It is a stock circuit that reproduces all the tonal nuances of the very best sounding Clyde McCoy Picture Wah we've ever heard (and Geoffrey Teese has studied HUNDREDS!).

Just like all the RMC wahs, the REAL MCCOY PICTURE WAH is hand-built in the U.S. by Geoffrey Teese and features RMC's limited FIVE-YEAR warranty.

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