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RMC5 Wizard Wah

RMC5 Wizard Wah

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New Old Stock! This is the older version. Please see picture.

The WIZARD WAH is the newest wah offering from REAL MCCOY CUSTOM. Part RMC1, part PICTURE WAH, the WIZARD WAH sounds like nothing else on the planet, with extended sweep range, rich, yet tight lows, haunting mids, a smooth top end, and an overall boost. Unlike the RMC1, the WIZARD WAH is designed to work with any pickup configuration and any amp gain structure.

The WIZARD WAH features low noise metal film resistors, Italian caps, authentic stack-of-dimes inductor, authentic aged-Icar tapered ROC-POT2 potentiometer, true-bypass switching for no signal loss, and an AC adapter jack. Just like all RMC wahs, the WIZARD WAH is hand built by Geoffrey Teese and has a limited five year warranty.

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