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rs130 Scale Generator

Analogue Systems

  • $ 47900

  • 110 mA +12V
  • 110 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 3.75 inches


The RS130 offers four preset scales and memory for one user-defined scale. It also comes with a range of 63 notes, plus a trigger output generator. There are gated and "free" modes for a wide range of applications.

A Voltage Quantiser is a device that rounds (or "quantises") every voltage passing through it (up or down to an exact sernitone). This means that any voltages output by the Quantiser will lie on one of the 12 sernitones of the conventional 'even-tempered' scale.

A "Scale Generator" (or Scale Quantiser) takes this principal one step further: it quantises the signal in such a way that the output conforms to a predetermined musical scale. Examples of such scales are the common 'major' and 'minor' scales.

A programmable scale generator goes further still: while it may include predetermined scales as options, it also allows you to choose the notes that define any required scale. The RS130 is such a device.

Like the RS260, the RS130 incorporates software that ensures glitch-free transitions between quantised notes, and offers the same two timing modes. These are "Free Run", in which the output CV shifts every time the input changes enough to move from one note to another, and "Gate", which requires a pulse to tell the device when to detemine the next note.

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