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Analogue Systems RS-350 Slew Limiter

Analogue Systems RS-350 Slew Limiter

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IMPORTANT: Analogue Systems modules have their own power cable that may or may not be compatible with your eurorack case.  Click this link for an installation guide.

Voltage Controlled Slew Limiter

  • 6 hp
  • 2 inches depth
  • 20 mA +/-12V

Unlike the other slew limiters in the RS Integrator, the RS-350 is voltage-controlled, allowing you to control the amount of slew (or glide) dynamically. This permits a number of interesting possibilities that are not available elsewhere. For example, applying the keyboard CV to the V-IN socket, and an inverted/offset keyboard CV to the CV-IN allows you to decrease the glide time as you play up the keyboard, and increase it as you play down the keyboard. This is a very 'natural' sounding effect, rarely found on electronic synthesisers.

The RS-350 also offers an on/off CV that allows you to determine whether the original or the slewed signal is passed to the output. You can use this to jump between the target voltage and the intermediate, slewed voltage. This creates glissando type effects. You can, of course, use this together with the voltage controlled slew time to generate a wide range of unusual CV signals.

This allows you to adjust the amount of slew applied to the input signal. At its minimum (fully anticlockwise) the slew time is about 100mS per volt. At its maximum (fully clockwise) the slew time is about 2S per volt.

V-IN The input accepts any signal in the range 0V - 10V.

CV-IN This accepts a CV in the range ᄆ10V. The greater the CV presented, the greater the slew time becomes, thus slowing the transition from one voltage to another. (A negative voltage decreases the slew time.) You can apply a wide range of Gates and CVs to this input to create complex slew profiles.

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