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Analogue Systems RS-380 Modulation Controller

Analogue Systems RS-380 Modulation Controller

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IMPORTANT: Analogue Systems modules have their own power cable that may or may not be compatible with your eurorack case.  Click this link for an installation guide.

Voltage Controlled LFO, Noise Generator, S+H Random Generator and VCA

  • 12 hp
  • 2.5 inches Depth
  • 60 mA +/- 12V

The RS-380 is a composite module comprising four separate モsub-modulesヤ that you can patch together or with other RS Integrator modules to generate and control a wide range of effects. It is designed for use when space is at a premium, and combines a flexible Voltage Controlled Low Frequency Oscillator (VC-LFO) with a noise generator, a Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) and a random signal (sample and hold) generator.

The rs380 VC-LFO offers a very low minimum frequency that allows you to create a variety of varying modulations and effects. Its maximum frequency lies in the middle of the audio range. The rs380 VC-LFO can, therefore, be used in three ways as a low frequency modulator, as an audio frequency modulator and as a secondary sound source.

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