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Intellijel Scales

Intellijel Scales

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Dual Quantizer

Scales is an 8hp dual-channel note quantizer and step sequencer. Fundamentally, it takes an input voltage, quantizes it to notes in a user-defined scale, and sends that quantized voltage to an output, where you can use it as a melodic pitch source for oscillators or any other module that expects to see discreet note values at its input.

Scales goes far beyond the fundamental, allowing you unprecedented control of the pitches and intervals hiding inside your control voltages; turn LFO’s into arpeggiators; random voltages into harmonic counterpoint; and unquantized external CV sequencers into chromatically tuned note sequencers.

Quantization can be locked to an incoming trigger. There are a number of trigger output options as well, ranging from no triggering (good for pitch shifting drones); through triggers that sync with either of the two outputs (or both); to a trigger or gate transmitted in sync with one sent to the module’s TRIG input.


Scales features two independent outputs, enabling you to create shifted harmonic intervals within your chosen scale using only a single pitch input. Using the SHIFT input you can modulate changes on OUT A and/or OUT B.

You can also use the shift input to switch between scales or to change the root of any existing scale pattern or split Scales into two quantizers — each conforming to a common scale, but fed entirely different voltage sources.


Scales also features a 128-step SH-101 style step sequencer (complete with storage for up to 35 fully programmable patterns) — allowing you to feed OUT B with sequenced notes and rhythm patterns, while OUT A continues to function as a standard pitch quantizer for external voltages. You can even sync the sequencer to quantizer events on OUT A.


  • SHIFT/PITCH inputs and A/B outputs operate in a -10v to +10v range with 1v/oct scaling

  • 1-octave keyboard for selecting scale notes in real time and LED buttons provide visual feedback of quantizing

  • Save and recall up to 35 different scales and sequences, arranged in 5 banks (black keys) of 7 scales each (white keys)

  • 35 factory scale patterns included

  • High resolution precision DAC for accurate pitch generation

  • Adjustable trigger delay

  • Input filtering eliminates jitter and glitches

  • Low latency with a fast ARM processor

  • LEARN function allows you to monitor external sequences or inputs and learn notes from them

  • Tuning mode so you can conveniently tune connected VCOs

  • ROOT function allows you to set root with or without shifting your current scale to match

  • USB port on back for easy updates of firmware


Width 8HP
Depth 39mm
Power 35mA @ +12V, 5mA @ -12V

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