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Seek Wah


  • $ 32900

The ZVex Seek Wah II is a true anomaly in the world of guitar pedals. It is unlike any pedal you will ever use, sounding sort of like a deviant hybrid of a tremolo and a wah pedal. The Seek Wah II contains a 60's wah pedal inductor controlled by an analog sequencer, with up to eight separate steps available, controlled by eight separate knobs, and separate speed control to match the tempo of the song. There is also a tiny three-way switch so the user can choose between 4, 6, or 8 steps in the sequence. The on/off switch is True Bypass, like all other ZVex pedals.

Each of the 8 mini-knobs is notched, allowing you to determine its setting by feel and also by relative brightness of the tone. Each of these 8 tiny knoblets also has a corresponding LED to let you know where the pedal is at in the sequence, to show you the tempo of the sequence, and to blow your mind with a hypnotic, undulating light show.

The ZVex Seek Wah II is handmade and hand-painted in Minneapolis, Minnesota with the highest quality components. It is True Bypass and is utterly silent in operation, with no hiss, hum, or ticking noises. Each one is unique and slightly different, and each Seek Wah is warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for as long as Zachary Vex is on the planet.

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