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Blackhole Cases SIX_60 6U 60HP Powered Case

Blackhole Cases SIX_60 6U 60HP Powered Case

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Blackhole's most compact powered Eurorack case, the SIX_60 (6U / 60HP) is perfect for studio or on the road. This handcrafted case offers a sleek and durable design, with a lid that closes securely while allowing plenty of room for a full patch.

Featuring the Konstant Lab BoardPWR, this model packs plenty of power and offers a versatile option for those seeking a dependable, portable Eurorack case.


  • 6U / 60HP
  • Dimensions: 13” x 11.25” x 6.5”
  • Durable Baltic Birch construction
  • (20) M3 Sliding Nuts per Rail (80 Total)
  • Lid can be closed with a full patch
  • Rugged textured coating
  • Anti-slip rubber feet
  • Weight: ~ 9 lbs
  • Max Module Depth: ~2.5 inches
  • Side-mounted power switch and adapter inlet

Power Specifications:

  • Powered by the Konstant Lab Board PWR
  • +12V output at 2A, -12V output at 1.2A, +5V output at 1.5A
  • Includes (2) 6-header flying bus cables for 12 HEADERS TOTAL
  • Compatible with any standard flying bus cables for easy upgrading
  • Purchase of case includes external power brick
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