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Frostwave Sonic Alienator, super rare!

Frostwave Sonic Alienator, super rare!

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This elusive Frostwave Sonic Alienator is the best sounding bit-crushing device ever made.

The Frostwave Sonic Alienator is an enhanced Alias frequency generator.  By combining analog filter, sonic decimator and soft distortion drive circuitry in a configurable manner, the Sonic Alienator is capable of producing an almost endless array of harmonically related audio artifacts.

Some of the features of the Sonic Alienator:

  • Continuously variable sample frequency (analog generated clock)
  • True Analog Low Pass Filter with variable resonance control
  • Selectable output pot function (output volume or wet/dry mix)
  • Multiple decimation bit depth algorithms featuring: Binary and Magnitude decimation
  • 6 preset clip selections including waveform folding and bit swapping
  • Configurable effect orientation
  • Soft Distortion input drive for added harmonic frequency generation
  • Precision Low noise design



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