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SPH-2 Spatial Phaser


  • $ 63900

14-stage stereo image phaser. It consist of two identical voltage controlled all-pass filters with seven notches stretched over the whole audio range which ensures constant phasing effect. The all pass filters are combined with original audio signals resulting in an almost constant gain and phase shift of 2400 degrees across the entire audio range.

Additionally, the phasing effect remain almost constant even in saturation mode. Phasing (SPECTRUM) is controlled by modulating low frequency oscillator (MOD RATE, MOD LEVEL) and by external signals (SPECTRUM CV, and separate SPECTRUM LEFT, RIGHT).

The low frequency oscillator's rate can be modulated by external signal (RATE CV, RATE CV INPUT). There is three audio inputs; LEFT & RIGHT and a combined input for both phasers SUM AUDIO. The audio outputs are provided by output socket labelled AUDIO, LEFT, MIX (mixed left and right phaser) and RIGHT. Outputs are revealed by white surrounds.

The FEADBACK knob controls the amount of multi resonance for both phasers up to self-oscillating. The SPATIAL/ROTATING switch couples phaser between two different stereo images.

RATE from 40sec's to 20msec's Audio frequency range 10Hz to 22kHz Maximal input/output audio signal 20 Volts p-p Current consumption 30mA Dimensions 128.4mm (H), 70.6mm (B) 3 HE, 14TE

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