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Starlight Quantum Flanger

Starlight Quantum Flanger

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The Flanger re-imagined.

From huge jet plane sweeps to swirly pitch vibrato the Starlight does everything a flanger should and more. This all analog bucket brigade based (MN3209) flanger adds the flexibility of digital control. Thereメs classic triangle shape modulation and wobbling sine wave for a super deep throb. Subdecay also went beyond the norm and included some of our favorite LFOメs from the Quasar DLX. Triangle/Square mix, Random Sample/hold and Step Triangle. Thereメs also a manual setting allowing you to use the speed knob to manually control the flanger.

From lush dreamy chorus to a cold metallic clang.

The shape knob: This control selects selects six different ways to modulate the flanger.
Sine: Sounds best at higher speeds, but we left the option to run it slow as well. The flanger spends more times at the extremes of the sweep than in the middle.
Triangle: The classic flanger sound. Smoothly sweeps through the flanger range with sharp turn arounds.
Triangle/Square mix: This one mixes the smooth modulation of the triangle wave with a bit of square モsteppy-nessヤ as well.
Random Sample/Hold: Totally random step modulation. Much more common in filter effects, but works great with a flanger too.
Step-Triangle: A triangle wave with pronounced steps. A bit like the Random setting without the randomness.
Manual: Static/fixed flanger effect. The speed knob is used to manually control the flanger sweep. Useful for hollow sounding filter effects or sitar like metallic sounds.

Subdecay crammed a lot of features in to a small package with simple user friendly controls, but also took great care in the audio path design. A flanger is essentially a very short modulated delay. Subdecay chose the MN3209 because it offers very short delay times allowing for a higher sweep than a typical MN3207 based unit. The starlight incorporates minimal filtering allowing your fuzz and overdrive pedals really shine through the effect.
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