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Here is what Alex Saraceno had to say about his latest pedal:
Once a year, I introduce a new pedal to my line. This year it is called the "Stone Boy". Of all my children, this is the one that took longest to conceive (8 months of R&D). There are many things that make this one different from any other in the line. For one thing it runs on (2) AA batteries. Super cool concept which allows the pedal to run cooler and last forever. Don't worry, you don't have to get a 3 volt charger since the voltage for the adapter is being reduced INSIDE the pedal, and your standard 9 volts wall wart will work fine.

Now for the sound...
I wanted to emulate the fattest lead sound possible and the smoothest ever. I kept thinking of Leslie West at his peak and how his guitar sounded like 3 guitars when he did his leads.

This pedal is not for noodlers or posers, but for precise and professional players who want to destroy. It is a total redesign of old technology which had a lot of flaws since it was too early for its time. I cleaned everything up with later designs but left one position on the frequency selector (the highest) for the real early fuzz effects in case you want to use it. That's right, think Stones' Satisfaction.

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