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Super Ringtone, Hand Painted


  • $ 49900

This product is a far more advanced version of our original RingtoneTM pedal. Basically, the Super RingtoneTM is a 16 step sequencer of ring modulators. Ladies and gentlemen, you have just entered some very strange waters. Please allow me to explain. A ring modulator is a circuit that gener- ates its own pitch or モcarrierヤ tone initially. When another pitch enters the circuit, it then yields the difference between the two frequencies as one tone, and the sum of those two frequencies as another tone. Describing this process can sound more like math than music... hearing it is another matter. Ring modulation can be used to create astonishing bell like textures, ethereal droning tones, and deep shim- mery tremolos, and thatメs just scratching the surface. Hereメs 16 of those crazy things to play with! Donメt let the power go to your head! Please and thank you. New features include: tap tempo, MIDI tempo control, glissando, expression pedal control over tempo and glissando, adjustable number of stages from 1 to 16, automatic tempo slowing or speeding (delta), savable/loadable presets and more!

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