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Zvex Super Seek Trem Vexter Series

Zvex Super Seek Trem Vexter Series

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This product is a far more advanced version of our original Seek Trem and Tremorama pedals. Basically the Super Seek Trem is a 16 step sequencer of volume pots. This allows you to do tremolo in complex rhythmic patterns impossible with standard tremolos. From automated volume swells, to ex- treme helicopter blade like square wave tremolo that gallops, to what sounds like traditional amp tremolo but is pulsing in a nine step pattern of triplets against your 4/4 groove... all locked to your Pro Tools Session! Polyrhythmic bliss! New features include: tap tempo, MIDI tempo control, glissando, expression pedal control over tempo and glissando, adjust- able number of stages from 1 to 16, automatic tempo slow- ing or speeding (delta), savable/loadable presets and more!

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