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Critter & Guitari Terz

Critter & Guitari Terz

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Only Black color available! 

The Terz Amplifier is a hybrid of classic analog amplification circuitry and cutting edge power electronics. It is a portable, loud amp that sounds great while using only four rechargeable ムAAメ batteries. Alluding to the モthreeヤ in Third Man, the amp has just three controls: High and low frequency gain and volume. The speaker grill design also riffs on the idea of モthree.ヤ The name ムTerzメ, meaning モthirdヤ in German, is a name of smaller classical guitars - we thought it fitting considering the size of the amp! There are two analog gain/distortion circuits behind the sound of the amp. The left knob controls the amount of silicon diode distortion and low frequency adjustment. The center knob controls the amount of germanium diode distortion for high end crunch. The right knob controls the overall volume of the amp.

All metal (aluminum) powder coated enclosure: 5.0" x 3.375" x 7.0" (length, width (including knobs), height)
Available colors: Matte Black enclosure, yellow knobs with black pointers; Yellow enclosure, black knobs with yellow pointers
Weight: 2.0 lbs (no batteries)
15W speaker (4" diameter)
1/4" monophonic input jack
Three control knobs: Silicon distortion, Germanium distortion, and Volume LowHigh Gain Switch

Power: Ships with power supply: 9VDC, 1.0 Amps, center-positive polarity tip
Can also be powered from 4 'AA' batteries (NiMH rechargeable batteries provide maximum volume)
When batteries begin to run low, Power Status LED changes from orange to red
Manufactured in USA

Includes 1 year limited warranty
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