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Strymon Timeline, brand new condition! s/n S15-30212

Strymon Timeline, brand new condition! s/n S15-30212

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Strymon Timeline, brand new condition!

TimeLine Digital Delay Machine: Inspiration Machine.

When Strymon decided to create a studio-class stereo delay effects pedal, they knew they needed to go well beyond what had been done in the past - in sound quality, sonic flexibility, hardware design, and processing power. They spent months locked up in the Strymon sound design labs with an intense focus on dreaming up the most spacious, lush, creative, and tweakable delay effects ever heard. It was a monumental task - a relentless study of delays and their nuances, and a continuous pursuit of innovative and musically inspirational sounds. Utilizing a ridiculously powerful SHARC DSP, every drop of processing power is harnessed. Each algorithm is so detailed it requires the entire processor.

TimeLine provides you with twelve different delay machines, each with extensive control over sonic character and feel. Tweak to your heart's content and save up to 200 presets of your favorite sounds. Go from crisp and clear, studio-quality digital delays all the way to the saturated and fluctuating sounds of tape delay machines. Get warm and fuzzy analog style repeats all the way to shimmery, sparkling, and crystalline ice delays. Top it all off with full MIDI implementation and a routable, 30-second stereo looper and youメre on your way to delay bliss!

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