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Toppobrillo Sport Modulator, Mint

Toppobrillo Sport Modulator, Mint

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Toppobrillo Sport Modulator, Mint. Works great. 

Dual Lag and Hold Device
Each section can be either:
a VC lag that can be made to hold-state on command. also can be put into cycle mode as well, giving a wide-range VC linear triangle LFO that
ranges from around 700 Hz to 30 seconds or so per cycle. with external CV this range is extended from around 1500Hz to ???
a sample and hold with controllable input slew (or sample correlation). the control input is the same (s/h in the drawing). The droop in either mode is extremely low- less than 500uV/S.
When cycle is selected in Hold mode, the section will generate complex staircase waveforms that are synced to input pulses.. the input signal doesn't have to be a pulse, but just about any rising slope, this was done to allow for even more inter-compatibility between the 2 sections.
Finally, the unlabeled jack in the middle is a gate output that compares the top sections output with the bottom.

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