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Triple Slice


  • $ 35000

The Dewanatron Triple Slice VCO harmonic metamorphosis module generates a highly stable 1v/octave sine-based waveform that ranges from .5hz thru 16khz.

The initial sine wave passes thru 3 successive slice stages. The end result is a continuously undulating waveform, which yields an ever-changing spectrum of emerging and receding harmonics.

Harmonics are generated by "slicing" a waveform, in which an absolute value function with a variable zero point reverses the polarity and thus reflects the portion of the waveform below it. As this reflecting line passes thru the waveform along the voltage (vertical) axis, various harmonics are generated. The three slice stages are controlled by 3 independent LFOs.

The first slice stage is controlled by either an internal oscillator or the external oscillator input. The frequencies of the LFOs driving the second and third slice stages are derived from this initial LFO signal, and their frequencies relative to each other are adjusted with the "skew" control. The "mix" output sums these three outputs with the original sine wave (these three outputs are also available separately). The resulting final signal contains multiple sets of cascading harmonics.

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