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Cwejman VCA-4MX Quad VCA Mixer

Cwejman VCA-4MX Quad VCA Mixer

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The VCA-4MX consists of four individual voltage controlled amplifiers. All amplifiers are identical and work in a semi-logarithmic mode. Amplifiers accept both DC and AC signals. The VCA-4MX has eight outputs for maximal flexibility; all amplifiers has an individual output, two summing outputs for all amplifiers (both normal and inverted) and additionally two summing outputs for VCA1 + VCA2 and VCA3 + VCA4.

The VCA-4MX can be used as quad attenuator (using all four amplifiers separately), as a four input mixer (using summing outputs) and as two separate two inputs mixers. All amplifiers has a dedicated level controller (knobs) and CV inputs which controls outgoing signals attenuation in semi-logarithmic mode. The manual controllers (knobs) determinates the maximal amount of controlled gain (or rather attenuation). The semi-logarithmic transfer function is much more practical than a true logarithmic because it's "imitates" the natural behaviour of volume controllers


  • Total frequency controllable range: DC to 50 kHz
  • Maximum input/output audio signal: 20 Volts p-p
  • LEVEL's: manually (knobs) or semi-logarithmic
  • 0dB gain @ +5 Volts CV input.
  • -80dB gain @ 0 Volts CV input.
  • Total Distortion: Less than 0.1% @ 10 Volts
  • Input Audio impedance: 20kohms
  • INPUTS / OUTPUTS: 1kohms
  • Current consumption: 30mA
  • Dimensions: 128.4mm (H), 50.4mm (B) 3 HE, 10TE
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