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4ms VCA Matrix Eurorack Module

4ms VCA Matrix Eurorack Module

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The newest Eurorack module from 4ms, the VCA Matrix, is a playable 4x4 matrix of 16 VCAs.

Four CV or audio inputs can be routed in any amount/combination to four outputs, using the 16 CV control jacks, Level knobs, and Mute buttons.

  • 4 CV/audio inputs and 4 outputs (buffered and dc-coupled)
  • 16 VCA's using high quality SSM chips (from unity gain to -100dB mute)
  • Playable surface with 16 latching Mute LED buttons, to mute each VCA individually (mute button disconnects Control jack and Level knob, and silences the VCA)
  • LED button brightness indicates sum of Control jack, Level knob, and Mute button
  • 16 Control jacks for VCA level control
  • 16 Level knobs attenuate the incoming Control signals. The control jacks are normalled to +5v, so if no control is plugged in, the knobs act as manual level (boost/cut) controls
  • Matrix Expandability: VCA Matrices can be connected to form a larger matrix using headers on the back (4x8, 8x8, 12x4, etc)
  • Control Expandability: 16-pin header on back side of PCB allows an external device to control all VCAs: e.g. patch recall, patch sequencing, preset patterns such as quadrature panning, etc.
  • Suitable as a 4x4 mixer, splitter, as well as dynamic signal router/processor

Module size:
The VCA Matrix is 28HP, and approximately 1.5" deep (38mm).

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