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Vibutron (N.O.S.)

Vibutron (N.O.S.)

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Frantone Vibutron

Good Vibrations!
All of the warm, soothing tone you'd expect from a great vintage amp trem with the added versatility of selectable waveform. Designed with the single coil player in mind, this variable amplitude modulator is a favorite among those that want the highest fidelity and smooth performance combined. The Depth control allows you to dial in as much effect as you like, from the slightest hint of mellow sine wave smoothness to fully gated square wave effects. The added benefit of a wide Speed range makes this a very powerful tool for the serious musician. The Vibutron's lemon-lime motif is highlighted by the custom made cherry red Bakelite knobs.

All new Frantone effects come with full signal bypass and status light!

Each Vibutron is hand-made in the USA by Frantone that features:

  • Tough cast aluminum case
  • Lemon Yellow Epoxy Enamel finish
  • True bypass switching
  • Green indicator LED
  • Steel LED bezel
  • Switchcraft jacks
  • Red bakelite knobs
  • Hard mounted PCB
  • External power jack
  • All teflon hook-up wire
  • Really cute clear feet

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