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VSR-3 spring reverb

VSR-3 spring reverb

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The VSR-3 is a spring reverb device with focus on simplicity and excellent sound.

More than 70 years ago spring reverbs were used for bringing the large reverberated cathedral sounds to the homes of Hammond organ players. Meanwhile the sound became classic and you will find spring reverb devices in most studios around the world and even today it is often standard in guitar amplifiers.

The imperfection of spring reverb is what makes the VSR-3 perfect for any kind of audio signal: organs, synthesizers, acoustic and electric guitars, vocals, (electronic) drums, whatever you like. The VSR-3 adds that clashing and resonant, but always musical and warm reverb sound.

Like the ReTubeVerb, the VSR-3 uses a spring tank made by specialist Accutronics. The reverb signal can be refined by a well-adjusted tone controller and seamlessly added to the unaffected original signal. Simple but effective.

Thanks to the well-shielded, internal switching power supply, the VSR-3 works smoothly any place in the world. In its 1U rack-housing it occupies very little physical space while creating a very nice, large acoustic space.

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