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Wiard XMIX

Wiard XMIX

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Analog X/Y Mix Module

The Malekko Wiard series of modules offer the same great sound, ergonomics, musicality, and quality that made the Wiard 300 series legendary, at a fraction of the cost and size in Eurorack modular format.

The XMIX is a versatile mixing/crossfading utility module with Wiard flair. There are level controls for the two inputs (X and Y). The Y input can be inverted via a switch. Z controls the balance of X Vs. Y. Z has a CV input, along with an attenuator for CV amount. Positive and negative outputs are provided, as well as an Expand input which provides a unity input to chain the output of other modules (such as another XMIX).

Some uses for the XMIX:
- A 2 > 1 Mixer
- CV crossfading
- A signal inverter
- Audio rate amplitude/crossfading modulation
- With a single input, you can use the XMIX as a linear VCA
- Input different waveforms to create new wave shapes
- The X input normals into the Y input when nothing is plugged into Y. Invert the Y input with the switch, and crossfade the X signal VS the inverted version of itself

The XMIX is 8hp wide, 25mm deep, and consumes approximately 45mA power.
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