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WMD / SSF Monolith System

WMD / SSF Monolith System

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Open box, Mint Condition.

WMD/SSF Monolith System

The Monolith is a 37-key keyboard with 104 hp eurorack rails loaded with the WMD/SSF collaboration line of modules. Complete with power supply, the monolith is a fully functional, completely customizable modular synth with a wide palette of tones that the user can patch from scratch.

The Monolith system is a fully functional modular system combined with the familiarity of a performance keyboard.  It can be intimidating to begin using a modular system, but, with our system, players will be able to design almost any sound they can imagine intuitively and easily once they are familiar with the rudiments of modular patching. The Monolith is a pro level monosynth that is at home in the studio and on the stage, but it also serves as a bridge for users to learn modular synthesis.

The system includes 15 Modules:

  • 2x Spectrum Oscillators
  • Pole Zero Filter
  • 2x ADSRVCA
  • Amplitude Discrete VCA
  • S.P.O. Scaling Polarizer and Offset
  • Ultrafold wavefolder
  • Blender four channel crossfading mixer
  • Quad Attenuator
  • Toolbox utility module
  • Mini Slew function generator
  • Buffered Mult
  • LVLS Output Module
  • Keyscan module with Aftertouch, Velocity, and MIDI (in, out, and thru).

Here is a brief description of each of the Monolith's included modules:

KEYSCAN is your interface from the keyboard to the other modules. It includes a total of four v/oct outputs: two static outputs and two with adjustable glide. The keyscan module also has gate, retrigger, velocity, and aftertouch voltage outputs.

SPECTRUM VCO (x2) is a precision, saw-core vco with eight possible waveforms (from six simultaneous outputs), an eight octave switching system, lfo mode, and two fm modes with attenuation. in addition to the standard waveformssine, pulse, triangle and sawspectrum features two selectable saw/pulse hybrid waveforms and two selectable sub-octave waveforms with variable range. additional features include pulse width modulation (pwm) with cv and attenuation, hard sync, and panel accessible 1v/oct calibration.

ADSRVCA (x2) is multi-mode envelope generator with an integrated voltage controlled amplifier (vca). this envelope generator is capable of producing a classic gate driven attack/decay/sustain/release (adsr) envelope, a looping attack/decay (ad) cycle, and an attack/decay/release (adr) one-shot envelope. the integrated vca eliminates the need for an external vca module and can be used independently when an external control voltage is utilized. the envelope controls the shape of the vcas amplitude response by default.

POLE-ZERO is a 4-pole (24db/octave) low pass voltage controlled filter (vcf) utilizing mosfet transistors. mosfets are known for their soft, harmonically pleasing distortion when overdriven. pole-zero is designed to exploit these characteristics with the addition of a mosfet saturation control, providing a much wider palette of sounds than a standard vcf. weve also integrated a vca into the pole-zero, allowing players to amplitude modulate the filter without the need of an external vca.

TOOL-BOX is a collection of six useful synthesizer utilities. this module includes a two input voltage summing section, a signal rectifier, a bipolar comparator, an analog or (maximum) circuit, an inverter, and a voltage controlled toggle switch. tool-box provides the tools required for spicing up your patches as well as some typically overlooked utilities missing from most modular systems.

S.P.O. is a polarizing scaler and offset generator. up to two inputs can be summed into a single scaler/offset generator. The offset generator provides a dc voltage source for shifting signals into the positive or negative voltage region. The scaler provides a means of attenuating and polarizing (inverting) the applied signal. s.p.o. works with audio and control voltages (cv).

QUAD ATTEN is a passive quad attenuator in a small 4hp profile. although quite basic, attenuators are extremely powerful in a modular system. they are especially useful for adjusting the depth of control voltages going into modules that lack cv attenuators.

BUFFERED MULT is a standard buffered multiple. split either a cv, gate, or audio signal into many outputs without losing any volume or signal strength.

BLENDER is a four channel mixer and voltage controlled crossfader. blender simplifies mixing audio and control voltages (cv) by incorporating a single control to blend two signals at a timea technique known as crossfading. the module provides two manual crossfaders and a single voltage controlled master crossfader. use blender as a main mixer or as a dynamic control for creating complex control voltages and waveforms.

AMPLITUDE is a discrete transistor-core vca with a wide range of waveform saturation and distortion capabilities. this module is capable of faithfully reproducing the classic warmth and fat tones associated with vintage analog synthesizers and pushes that capability to the extreme. a voltage controlled linear to exponential converter is included and can be used to shape incoming control voltages (to the vca cv input) and can be patched out into external modules.

ULTRAFOLD is an advanced voltage controlled wave folder. the input drive and wave fold controls make up the heart of the design, providing warm saturation and additive harmonics to the input signal. the wave shift control offsets the input signal to allow for asymmetrical foldingunveiling unparalleled spectral subtleties. the novel bipolar feedback control takes wave folding to a new level by returning the folded output to the input, thereby skewing the wave shapes and dramatically changing upper harmonics. an auxiliary feedback input is provided to allow for insane folded fm sounds when driven by another oscillator.

VCMINISLEW is a multi purpose function generator with the capability to generate envelopes, shape incoming signals, and create pulses and clocks. it is easily used as a shapeable lfo for modulation purposes, and will oscillate well into the audio range. the led readout shows you the signals exact speed and amplitude for easy patching.

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