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Z3000 Smart VCO MKII

Z3000 Smart VCO MKII

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The Z3000 is an all-analog, voltage-controlled oscillator that gives you the ability to implement synthesis techniques in a controlled and planned manner, turning your modular system into an even more powerful musical instrument.

The Z3000 is bilingual - equally fluent in the language of sound (frequency) and music (note and octaves). Its intelligence comes from its built-in arithmetic processor, which allows for relevant data to be displayed constantly, taking the guesswork out of tuning your modular.

The Z3000's analog core generates four waveforms with substantial character, giving you the sound signature that can only be created by a true analog VCO. The Z3000 unique circuitry allows for high levels of synthesis complexity such as frequency modulation, all while maintaining excellent wide-range tracking and without falling into chaos. The Z3000 brings a world of new possibilities that will give rise to a whole new sound spectra within your modular synthesizer.


  • Coarse Frequency
  • Fine Tune
  • Pulse Width
  • Pulse Width Modulation
  • Linear/Log Frequency Modulation
  • High-Resistane 1V/Oct
  • Hard Sync
  • Hard Sync Modulation (HSM)
  • Sine/Triangular Waveshaper
  • Pulse Width Modulation
  • Frequency Modulation 1/2
  • Linear Frequency Modulation
  • TUner/Meter External Input
  • Supports CV Bus
Output: Sine/Triangle/Sawtooth/Square
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