Collection: Dewanatron

Dewanatrons were created in order to make music in real time, suitable for concert performance, live recording, or to be broadcast over the airwaves.

The special purpose of Dewanatrons, which are modern solid-state analog instruments, is to grow music live in collaboration with the operators who guide them. While inherently musical in their impulses, the machines have no discipline and require governing by judicious overseers. Some instruments are components, or appliances, which used in tandem with other appliances becomes part of an electronic chamber group. Other instruments are a self-contained chamber ensemble in a single housing.

The operators begin a process which develops into a shape beyond their authorship; the operators become gardeners, watering and pruning, mulching and composting sound. The music becomes a contrapuntal morass, twining and climbing, chirping, buzzing, blinking, snapping. The operators guide the instruments, and the instruments carry the operators and others through an ever metamorphosing landscape. The Dewanatrons have delighted young and old, and have been welcome in radio stations, art galleries and the concert hall.

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