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Notable Jomox Owners:

Hans Zimmer - SunSyn
"Yes, I have a SUNSYN, I actually bought it instead of the ANDROMEDA.... I really have to (I know this sounds funny!) have to feel an emotional connection with an instrument to use it. The Sunsyn is less flexible but more original and quirky..."

Trent Reznor, NINE INCH NAILS - Resonator Neuronium, SunSyn, XBASE 999, Moonwind, and more. 

Charlie Clouser, NINE INCH NAILS - AirBase99, XBase09, and more. 

Allessandro Cortini, NINE INCH NAILS - SunSyn, XBase09.
"I don't claim I'm a big old school analog freak, as I really enjoy both analog and digital devices equally, but one thing that is unique to my Jomox Xbase09 and Sunsyn that sets them apart from most of the other pieces is the fact that it's really easy for me to come up with sounds I like, that are unique, in a short amount of time. The amount of control knobs available to be changed in real time with my hands is unsurpassed, and make the whole sound creating process really enjoyable, as opposed to using mouse and a screen. Also, sound-wise, I hardly ever find myself doing anything to my XBase and Sunsyn after I record them. They sound great from the beginning, without the need for re-amping or extreme EQ. They also have a voice of their own, in my opinion, that sets them apart from the other manufacturers.

Martin Gore, Depeche Mode - XBASE 888, Moonwind.
At the after party at the Berlin Olympic Stadium in 2009, he shook my hand shyly and said,..."yes, I like your equipment very much, I use the XBASE 888 a lot. Thanks for making this equipment."

Prince - XBase09



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