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  • The LZX mission is to preserve and expand upon tools available to the video art movement from the 1960s thru the 1980s. LZX exists as a counterpoint to the worlds of mainstream broadcast equipment and GPU based video processing software.
  • LZX started as a DIY project in 2008, and then evolved through several series of modular instrument designs. Previous generations of LZX modules were referred to as the Visionary series (2011), Expedition series (2015), and Orion series (2018). The current modular series (2022) is referred to as just LZX Modular, or Gen3.
  • LZX products are manufactured in Portland, Oregon at the LZX workshop.
  • Modules are compatible with EuroRack cases and patch cables used by modular audio synthesizers.
  • External video inputs and outputs are the same as the Component & Composite connections found on most televisions and some cameras.
  • Patchable signal levels are in the 0 to 1V range; This is lower than most audio modules (0V-10V), but inputs are tolerant of any voltage produced by a EuroRack system.
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